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Roof Installation in College Park, Florida

College Park is a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida that takes its name from the streets within the suburb that are named after famous American colleges, such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. It’s close to downtown Orlando, but still a separate neighborhood, so that residents have all of the advantages of living in a big city but without the drawbacks. Plus, there’s a nice view of the Orlando city skyline from College Park. College Park also has plenty of green spaces as well as lakes. In particular, Lake Ivanhoe is popular with College Park residents for wakeboarding and waterskiing. College Park is known for its 20th-century cottages, which means that any roof replacements or new roof installations will need to look the part.

Roof Repair in College Park, Florida

Orlando Roof Installation offers its roof installation services to owners of both residential and commercial buildings. We’ll help the building owner with the process of selecting both the style and material so that the roof fits in with the overall aesthetic of College Park’s cottages. In addition to roof installations, we also offer roof repair services. If your roof has been damaged, whether in a storm or some other way, contact Orlando Roof Installation and we’ll repair the damage.

Roof Maintenance in College Park, Florida

While roof repair is essential to the longevity of a roof, maintenance is also vital. It’s the regular inspections involved in roof maintenance that identify roof damage early on. The earlier a problem is found, the quicker it can be addressed and repaired. Unrepaired roof damage can just get worse and then cause more problems down the line, such as water damage inside the building or house.

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