Complimentary Inspections

Complimentary Inspections

Roof inspections are essential for keeping your roof in good condition. Orlando Roof Installation offers free roof inspections in Orlando, Florida. We’ll check your current roofing system and let you know what our findings are regarding any repairs that might be needed as well as our estimation of your roof’s life expectancy so you have an idea of when you might need to replace the roof. We’ll also make sure to let you know how much the repairs and maintenance would cost.

Types of Roof Inspections

We can inspect a variety of different types of roofs. We do free metal roof inspections in Orlando, as well as inspections for shingle and tile roofs. Our roof inspection services also include residential roof inspections in Orlando and commercial roof inspections in Orlando.

Timing of Roof Inspections

Roof inspections should be done regularly, but it’s important for them to be performed both before and after hurricane season. Inspections prior to hurricane season are important because they can help to ensure that your roof is in the best possible condition before the storms arrive. Roofs that are already damaged when a hurricane hits won’t be able to withstand the strong winds of the storm as well.

An inspection after a storm is just as important as an inspection beforehand. Florida hurricanes can damage even the sturdiest and most durable of roofs. For this reason, you should have your roof inspected by us for free so that we can look for any damage that might have occurred during the storm.

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