How to Maintain a Metal Roof

May 11, 2022

There are many advantages to having a metal roof on your house. They’re typically very sturdy and long-lasting. They’re also more environmentally friendly because they can help to reduce your energy bills. However, just because a metal roof is more durable than some other types of roofing materials doesn’t mean that they’re completely invulnerable. A metal roof can get damaged in something like a hurricane.

Plus, regular maintenance is still required to keep a metal roof in top condition. The following are regular maintenance tasks that should be done to help your metal roof to better protect your home.

Professional Inspections

It’s a good idea to have your roof professionally inspected on a regular basis. After a major weather event, such as a hurricane, it’s recommended to have your roof inspected because a hurricane can damage even a metal roof. Even if there hasn’t been a huge storm that could damage the roof, it’s still a good idea to have it inspected regularly. This can help to identify any damage early on so that it can be repaired before it becomes a problem that could negatively impact your house.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

It’s also important for the health of your metal roof to keep your gutters cleaned out. This should be done at least twice a year, once in fall and once in spring. However, if you have a big storm, it’s a good idea to clean out your gutters afterward because the winds from a storm can deposit debris into your gutters that can clog them. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and get onto the roof instead of draining away. This could result in the metal of your roof corroding or otherwise getting damaged.

Clear Debris off the Roof

Any kind of debris on your roof could possibly cause damage to it. This means that you should keep your roof clear of any leaves, dirt, twigs, tree branches, or other things that can end up on your roof. It’s especially important to keep the valleys on your roof cleared out so that debris doesn’t build up there. This is a place where metal panels join, so it’s important for the integrity of your roof that these areas don’t get damaged.

Trim Your Trees

If you have trees overhanging your roof, it’s essential to keep them well-trimmed. Even during normal weather conditions, trees can drop leaves and branches onto a roof from above. Keeping the branches trimmed back will help to reduce what can fall onto your roof. In Florida, trees near your home are also a risk if there’s a hurricane. The high-speed winds of the hurricane can cause a lot of leaves and branches to fall on your roof. It’s even possible for the tree itself to fall over onto the roof because of the winds.

Clean Your Roof

It’s also a good idea to periodically clean your roof. You can use dish soap and a microfiber cloth to clean the metal panels. Once you’ve finished the cleaning, you can then rinse the soap off with your garden hose.