The Drawbacks of a Metal Roof

Mar 21, 2022
Metal roofs have a lot of benefits. They’re sturdy and they can last for a long time. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly and they can help homeowners to reduce their energy bills. But before investing in any type of roof, it’s important to also consider the potential drawbacks in order to ensure that it’s the right type of roof for you. But what are the drawbacks of installing a metal roof and how can these drawbacks be addressed?

Metal Roofs Are Expensive

One major drawback of metal roofs is that they have higher initial costs than other types of roofing materials, such as shingles. There is a higher up-front cost with a metal roof than there is with a shingle roof, which means that homeowners have to save more at once in order to have a metal roof installed. However, metal roofs last so much longer than types of roofing materials that if you’re able to save the money for the initial costs, you can save money in the long run because you won’t have to worry about replacing a metal roof for up to 70 years. A copper roof can last even longer, with a potential lifespan of up to 100 years. The cost of a metal roof over time can end up being less due to how much longer they last. You may end up paying more over time for a roof that needs to be replaced more frequently than a metal roof.

Metal Roofs May Get Dented

Another con of a metal roof is that it’s possible for the roof to get dented in strong weather or if someone walks on it. However, this problem can be avoided by opting for sturdier types of metal. Certain metals, such as steel, for example, are less prone to denting than a softer type of metal like copper or aluminum. Plus, you can also get a lower gauge of metal for the roof. The gauge is the thickness of the metal used to make the roof and the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal. Thicker metal panels are sturdier than thinner ones and can help to prevent denting.

Metal Roofs Can Be Noisy

A common complaint about metal roofs is that they can be noisy in weather. In a location like Florida, where rain showers are frequent, even if they are brief, and where hurricanes come annually, this is an understandable concern for homeowners. However, if a metal roof is properly insulated, the noise isn’t usually any worse than with other roofs. If you’re worried about noise, talk to your roof installer to express those concerns and they can work with you to ensure that there are layers of solid sheathing to further insulate the roof.

Metal Roofs Aren’t Attractive

It’s a misconception that metal roofs aren’t attractive. There are many different styles and colors that metal roofs can come in so that you can choose one that complements your home. Additionally, if you prefer the look of shingles, a metal roof can be designed to look like a shingle roof.